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“I have worked with Ozone Direct for the past 10 years. They have supported the cleaning regimes in all the services that I have supported. Combined with high housekeeping standards, the Ozone units help deal with unwanted odours quickly. I have insisted on a total ban on chemical units in all the organisations I have worked with. Most recently, I have installed the Cubo unit which provides a secondary defence after a deep clean. We use the Cubo unit after an infectious outbreak and also between room moves. I have found the team at Ozone Direct to be very helpful and proactive.”

Rob Burcher, Regional Support Services Manager, Cinnamon Luxury Care – Aged Care Homes

“The impact the Ozone has had on our business is unbelievable. We can put all rooms into service on the same day, even when there have been guests that have breached the No Smoking Policy.

The machine is also ideal to ‘freshen’ a room. Our hotel doesn’t have windows that open (fully heated/air conditioned) but the magic of the machine gives the room a new laundry day smell.”

Audrey Neailey, Sleeperz Hotel Newcastle

“I can confirm the Mini O₃ Ozone unit is a great purchase. Within an hour my fish room had no smells caused by large volumes of water (4000 Litres +), humidity and indoor plants!”

Sam (private purchase)

” I would like to tell you how pleased we are with our new Cubo Ozone machine.

We offer dog rooms and after one 20-minute session, all traces of dog smell have gone.

Our smoking corridor has been changed to non-smoking and without the help of the Cubo it would have taken weeks to rid the rooms of the smell of smoke, but we are now completely smoke-free. Having said that, people sometimes still smoke in the rooms. This will never be a problem to us again thanks to the Ozone product.

In the past, we have had rooms where people have eaten strong-smelling food and even after cleaning thoroughly it can take weeks to get rid of the smell completely – one blast of Ozone and the room smells like fresh laundry.

After any floods, which happen more often in hotels than people probably imagine, the carpets are often left with the smell of damp. This is another problem eliminated by a 20-minute session with the Cubo.

One of the chefs was walking down one of the corridors this week and said ‘what a lovely smell down here, it smells like fresh laundry’. When I told her it was our new machine she was really impressed. Although we hadn’t used it in the corridor, the smell had come from one of the rooms which had been ‘Ozoned’.

Thank you for your fabulous product, I don’t know how we ever managed without it.”

Christine Mckeown, The Little Haven Hotel

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