Our Premier Unit is a portable Ozone generator that is effective for odour control and killing harmful bacteria and the spread of pathogens and viruses such as norovirus and COVID-19. Effective against the likes of cigarette smoke, mould and mildew, fire smoke, vomit, alcohol and urine, it can be used in a wide variety of businesses and applications.

What sectors is the Premier Unit suitable for?

This unit was originally designed and manufactured for the Marriott Hotel chain. The hotel required a unit that was compatible with their cleaning regime; they had 30 minutes to turn a guest room around, therefore, the very first unit had a 1 x 20-minute programme. We developed the product further to provide more flexibility. Now, the unit has five programmes allowing customers to choose longer treatment times if required. 

The Premier Unit is suitable for a range of other commercial and public sector spaces which require regular cleaning, including offices, factories, schools, care homes, hotels, hostels car garages and holiday parks. The Premier Unit also provides a deodorising solution for flood or fire damage.

Nurse cleaning bed frames in hospital.

How does the Premier Unit work?

The Premier Unit is fitted with an IEC lead which plugs into a 3-pin socket, making it a convenient portable solution. The unit produces 10g of Ozone per hour. It has five programmes starting from 15 minutes to 240 minutes which can be tailored to the application. 

Dimensions: 290mm (H) x 290mm (D) x 290mm (W). Weight: 8kg.

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What are the benefits of the Premier Unit?

First impressions count and travellers expect to stay in a clean and fresh-smelling room when booking a hotel stay. The Premier Unit is an effective additional step in the room cleaning regime. A room can be treated and reoccupied in 20 minutes. 

Not only does it remove odours, but the Premier Unit can also eliminate contaminants from surfaces such as doorknobs and remotes, helping to protect the health of future guests and prevent the spread of illness.

Opting for an Ozone product from our range can help minimise your reliance on chemicals and cleaning fluids, providing a low-maintenance and cost-effective deodorising solution that leaves no chemical residue. 

We offer training and video calls to help customers make the most out of their Ozone generators.

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