From pet waste to fungi, bad odours in the home can be caused by a variety of factors.

These odours produce particles in the air that can embed into the upholstery and other surfaces, causing them to linger long after the initial cause has been eliminated. Due to this, many people are turning to at-home ozone machine technology, which can be extremely effective at eliminating even the most pungent odours. Some Ozone generators, such as our Mini-O₃ generator, are more efficient and suitable for residential use. 

The Mini-O₃ is our smallest portable ozone unit. It is a powerful at-home ozone machine that can be extremely effective in small to medium-sized rooms and as this unit does not require a cartridge and includes a pre-programmed timer, it is a cost-effective option. Unlike many plug-in fragrance products, our Mini-O₃ eliminates unpleasant odours instead of purely masking them.

Below, we have listed some of the common household odours that our Mini-O₃ is highly effective at eliminating.

Pet odours

For many of us, life would be unimaginable without our four-legged friends. Nevertheless, despite being cherished family members, they do tend to leave our homes a little less than fresh. No matter how hard you clean and scrub, pet odours are extremely difficult to remove and often linger throughout your home.

Fortunately, our Mini O3 provides the ideal solution for unwanted pet odour. The device can permanently destroy microorganisms and odour-causing pathogens left by our pets, removing all traces from the cracks, crevices and carpets.

A Jack Russell Terrier dog laid on a yellow pillow on a grey couch. A green squeaky ball toy can be seen next to the pillow.

Kitchen odours

Deodorants, candles, and chemical-based cleaners can be used to mask and cover the effects of strong cooking odours, however, they are not a permanent solution. 

From garlic to eggs to curry dishes, many foods cause a strong, lingering malodour in your kitchen that is difficult to remove using standard cleaning techniques. If left untreated, these can leave strong odours that persist throughout your entire house.

These food smells can be eliminated by using ozone odour control devices, which work to eliminate cooking odour molecules and safely diffuse them into the surrounding atmosphere. 

Whether the food has burned, stuck to the top of the cooker, or turned out great but the smell persists, our Mini O3 can help. This device uses ozone to eliminate odours by neutralising negative ions and purifying the air, leaving your home smelling and feeling brand new after the first use.

Close-up of a person cooking roasted onion and garlic in a frying wok pan on a gas stove.

Mould and mildew odours

Even after mould or mildew has been removed from a home, a musty, lingering odour is likely to remain in the air due to remaining airborne mould and mildew spores that are often left behind after removal. These spores are invisible to the naked eye and often lurk in corners or trapped in walls and fabrics. These can trigger foul smells all through your property and potentially lead to mould or mildew returning. 

The Mini O3 employs a high ozone treatment process that effectively removes any lingering mould and mildew spores. This at-home ozone machine breaks down the outer membrane of fungus cells, killing all isolated spores embedded in wall cracks and fabrics such as drapery, rugs, and carpets, eliminating odours and lowering the risk of reoccurrence. 

Mould in the corner of the plastic windows in a home.

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