Used as a cost-effective alternative to fragranced plug-in products, the Mini-O₃ is Ozone Direct’s smallest portable Ozone unit. Unlike many fragranced plug-in products on the market, the Mini-O₃ does not mask odours but eliminates them. It is also effective in breaking down bacteria and viruses through the process of oxidation. 

This product is ideal as a top-up to normal cleaning regimes, keeping germs and odours at bay.

What sectors is the Mini-O₃ suitable for?

The unit has a pre-programmed timer, making it ideal for retail premises, offices and domestic home use, as it can run when rooms are unoccupied, effectively removing odours caused by mould, mildew, pets and perspiration to name just a few.

The Mini-O₃ can be effective in small to medium spaces and is regularly used in car garages, hostels, holiday parks, dog groomers, tanning parlours, offices and beauty salons.

Modern hostel interior with metal bunkbeds and grey walls.

How does the Mini-O₃ work?

The Mini-O₃ goes into a 3-pin socket. The unit produces 7mg of Ozone per hour which works on a 6-minute cycle. It will produce Ozone for 1.5 minutes, the fan will circulate for 1.5 minutes and then it will go on standby for 3 minutes. It has a twin LED light indicating power and an On/Off switch.

Dimensions: 120mm (H) x 70mm (W) x 50mm (D)

Little girl walking dog on lead in pet store looking at pet beds.

What are the benefits of the Mini-O₃?

One of the main benefits of the Mini-O₃ is that it does not require regular refills like a fragranced plug-in product, helping to reduce annual cleaning costs. It can neutralise odours in hard-to-reach areas such as ductwork, carpets and fixtures, helping to keep your space smelling fresh. Due to its compact size, it is compatible with smaller workspaces. The Mini-O3 is low maintenance and comes with a one-year warranty.
Like with all Ozone Direct products, the Mini-O₃ removes the need for chemicals or cleaning fluids or powders. It leaves no chemical residue.

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