Like a standard wardrobe, the Ozone Cabinet features a hanging rail and shelves, so that multiple items can be de-odourised at once. It is easily transportable and on castors, meaning that it is ideal for fast-paced environments such as theatres and fashion retail warehousing. 

What odours can the Ozone Cabinet remove?

Instead of masking odours, the Ozone Cabinet is capable of eliminating odours caused by perspiration, pets, cigarette smoke, mould and mildew, fire smoke, vomit, alcohol, urine and cooking to name just a few.

Not only is the Ozone Cabinet perfect for odour control, but it can also help prevent the spread of viruses, unpleasant pathogens and contamination from all surfaces and fabrics.

What sectors can the Ozone Cabinet be used in?

Our units are used across a wide variety of businesses and applications, including;

Sports equipment

The Ozone Cabinet can remove bacteria and odours on the following sportswear and equipment:

  • Motorcycle and Go Karting helmets, boots, suits and gloves
  • Horse riding equipment 
  • Cycling equipment
  • Skiing equipment
  • Bowling alley shoes
Little girl walking dog on lead in pet store looking at pet beds.

Kennels and pet shops

The units are ideal for removing bacteria and odours on dog beds and other textiles.

Local councils

Our units are regularly used for small hire items, walking frames and welfare items such as bidets, wheelchairs, furniture, toys and textiles such as blankets and curtains.

Production companies and theatres

The Ozone Cabinet is frequently used within the entertainment sector by film studios and theatres to remove bacteria and odours from costumes and props. It is also ideal for reducing mould and mildew build-up if items are in storage. 


The Ozone Cabinet can help reduce returns loss figures significantly for online fashion retailers, as it can effectively remove bacteria and odours from returned clothes and bring them back to saleable status.

Dry cleaning and laundry

Ozone technology is extremely effective in dry cleaning and laundry businesses, providing a solution for textiles and footwear that can’t be dry cleaned or laundered and eliminating persistent odours.

Public sectors

Bacteria and odours on uniforms, safety equipment and footwear can be easily removed with the use of an Ozone Cabinet.

Colourful costumes for theatre hanging on a rail in a storage facility.

How does the Ozone Cabinet work?

The unit converts oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3) through an electrical discharge. Ozone (O3) is a gas comprised of three oxygen atoms combined and takes the form of a blue-coloured gas with a distinct odour. Ozone is about one and a half times heavier than air. It is the world’s most powerful oxidising agent and can be created naturally within the environment. It quickly and safely reverts back to oxygen.

The Ozone Cabinet has a touchscreen display which has several programmes to choose from. You can select a cycle from 15, 30 and 45 minutes to suit your application. There are no requirements for additional ventilation as the unit produces and destroys the Ozone within the confines of the cabinet. The Ozone cabinet has an output of 10gm of O3 per hour and can be used anywhere with access to an electrical socket. The Ozone cabinet features a hanging rail and adjustable shelf so that multiple items can be deodorised at once. It is easily transportable and on castors. 

Ozone Cabinet dimensions: H 240cm x W 110cm x D 72cm. Weight: 200kg.

White Ozone cabinet with doors open and pink light inside displaying motorcycle suit and helmet.

What are the benefits of the Ozone Cabinet?

One of the major benefits of the Ozone Cabinet is that it eliminates the need for chemicals, cleaning products or powders. Unlike conventional cleaning methods, the Ozone Cabinet leaves no residue.

The units are durable and require very little maintenance and will significantly reduce annual cleaning costs. Customers will experience a relatively quick return on their investment when opting to incorporate Ozone technology into their cleaning operations.

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