Ozone Direct’s Continental product is an Ozone generator that can be hardwired into the wall or ceiling for a discreet deodorising and antibacterial solution. 

This product is ideal for odour control, killing bacteria and preventing the spread of harmful pathogens such as norovirus and COVID-19. Rather than masking the smell, the Continental Ozone generator will eliminate stubborn odours caused by the likes of perspiration, urine, pets, cigarette smoke and mould.

Where can the Continental unit be used?

The Continental is ideal for commercial washrooms and baby changing rooms. It is commonly used in care homes and dementia and Alzheimer’s wards, being easily mounted to corridor walls and ceilings and providing a discreet solution for high-traffic areas.

The Continental can also be used in educational facilities and is an ideal deodorising solution during the winter months when opening windows is not a viable option, helping to bring the freshness of the outdoors inside. 

The Continental helps to kill viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces and soft furnishings such as curtains, bedding and carpets, helping to protect vulnerable individuals such as young children, those suffering from ill health and the elderly.

Little girl walking dog on lead in pet store looking at pet beds.

How does the Continental work?

The Continental is fitted with an IEC Cable which can be fitted into existing wires or a new electrical power source.

The Unit produces 45mg of Ozone per hour which works on a nine-minute cycle; it will produce Ozone for two minutes, the fan will circulate for one minute and then it will be on standby for six minutes. 

Dimensions: 245mm (L) x 210mm (W) x 75mm (D). Weight: 1.4kg

White Continental Ozone product.

What are the benefits of using the Continental?

The manual disinfection process in healthcare settings can be time-consuming and can vary in quality depending on the cleaner. Products like the Continental which use Ozone technology can penetrate all surfaces in a room, including areas which may be difficult to access or missed using manual cleaning methods.

Unlike other portable Ozone technology products on offer, the Continental can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, making it compatible with smaller rooms where floor space is limited or high-traffic areas where a portable generator would present a trip hazard. 

Like with all Ozone Direct products, the Continental removes the need for chemicals or cleaning fluids or powders. It leaves no chemical residue and is cost-effective and low maintenance. 

For further information on the Continental product or other Ozone technology, please get in touch.